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Canine Kennels

K9 Canine Kennel Manufacturing by WeldExperts

Weldexperts designs and manufactures many models of Canine units to suit most vehicle types. All K9 units are designed to integrate with existing chassis/vehicle interior heating, air conditioning ventilation systems, door openings, electronics, visibility and lighting. Our designs contour closely to the existing vehicle headliner, side panels, floor drop and are sloped to match the front seat angle. We provide maximum security and ventilation for the canine and safety of occupant. All our kennels are removable and transferable to new chassis/vehicles.

Some options we offer include:

  • Heavy duty drawer units to fit your vehicle for equipment and storage solutions
  • Powdercoat paint the complete kennel and drawer units
  • Superior climate control via factory or aftermarket heat/AC
  • Simple storage solutions

Weldexperts has successfully manufactured K9 inserts for over 25 years. We believe by supplying quality products we add value by reducing maintenance costs and equipment down time. The majority of our products are built from light weight recyclable aluminum. We offer complete installation services if required.

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